Marble stone is a natural stone formed during the movement of the Earth's crust. Marble stone has a non-partitioned structure with many natural, vivid and fresh patterns. In particular, Marble stone has a variety of colors such as white, black, gray, blue, red, yellow ... that brings many choices for customers; as a result, it is a popular product not only in interior but also exterior design, bringing both fresh, close and luxurious and high class beauty for design space.

General characteristics of Marble stone

Marble stone has moderate rigidity but in return, it possesses many outstanding characteristics:

  • Natural, lively stone pattern. Each Marble stone is unique with a beautiful stone pattern.
  • Fresher colors, higher aesthetics than other stones. Using Marble stone brings luxury and class to the projects.
  • Marble can withstand high temperatures, quite good bearing capacity.

However, Marble stone is quite porous, easy to absorb water, so it needs to undergo standard treatment process. In addition, because it is easily broken, chipped, the construction process will be more difficult and complicated, requiring workers to be highly skilled.

Applications of Marble stone

Because Marble stone is highly aesthetic, it is applied flexibly in construction. More specifically, this type of stone can be used for both interior and exterior design such as:

  • Floor, wall, stair tiling
  • Stone table making
  • Countertop, lavabo tiling, etc.

Tu Lap company's Marble stone has undergone thorough waterproofing treatment, increasing the durability of the stone and the ability to keep the color over time. Using Tu Lap's Marble stone for the projects is the right choice.

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